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song: The Hellchild
Album: Illusions of evil Demo ‘2000

Line up
Athera (Pål Mathisen) – Vocals (Metadox, Vanaheim, Ringnevond)
Cyrus (Terje Andersen) – Guitar (Crownfall, Sensa Anima)
Elvorn (Christian Hagen) – Guitar (Ringnevond, Vanaheim, {link Vidder})
Memnock (Håkon Didriksen) – Bass (Metadox, Old Man’s Child, Vanaheim, {link Lost in Time}, Black Comedy)
Tjodalv (Kenneth Åkesson) – Drums (Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child, Black Comedy, Requiem)
Mustis – Keyboards (Dimmu Borgir, {link Vidder})


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