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Yes. That is the Great Wall of China. No. It’s not green screen.

Since ThePianoGuys began, it has been our impossible dream to put a grand piano on the Great Wall. People laughed at us when we said we were determined to do it. It is done. All of us at ThePianoGuys would like to dedicate this music video to the visionary behind it all and the man whose dream this has always been: Paul Anderson.

It is difficult to detail each of the many miracles that were stitched together in time turning this dream into actuality. Master Oogway, himself, said, “A destiny is not realized until we let go of the illusion of control.” To say we made this happen…. Read the rest of the story here:

“Oogway Ascends” from the Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack written by Henry Jackman, John Powell & Hans Zimmer
Published by DWA Songs (ASCAP)
ThePianoGuys arrangement produced & written by Al van der Beek, Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson
Also based upon & inspired by Frederick Chopin’s Prelude Op. 28 No. 20 in C minor
Performed by
Steven Sharp Nelson: electric, carbon fiber, acoustic & steel cellos; cello-percussion; Asian percussion
Jon Schmidt: Piano
Al van der Beek: Percussion
Additional Tanggu (Taiko) percussion by Gigi Romney
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios in Utah, U.S.A.
Produced & Filmed by Paul Anderson & Shaye Scott
Edited by Shaye Scott & Paul Anderson

China Crew:
Ivy Song: Event Leader/Coordinator
Alex Xue: Event Consultant
Liu Sheng (Sean Liu): Fashion consultant and on-site coordinator
Zhang Xuewen: General Manager of Huang Yaguan Great Wall
Zhang Mingyu: Deputy General Manager of Huang Yaguan Great Wall
Liu Yanyun: Marketing Director of Huang Yaguan Great Wall
Zhu Mai: Photographer
Hu Guang: Camera Assistant
Peng Shuai: Camera Assistant
Sun Zhenning: Jib Operator
Cai Na: Manager of Yamaha Artist Service Beijing
Wang Weijun: Piano Technician
Jian Xin music Instrument Co: Moving Company


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